The Source Wave SEO Toolbox

The Best Tools for The Job

This is our “Every Day Carry” Toolbox. We use these tools daily in one way or another.

Business owners face a lot of problems trying to stay ahead.

From keywords to marketing automation, here are our favorites.

Yes, we actually use everything here.

Avoid tech debt by choosing the right software early. Mistakes in tool selection can be costly later.

We Use The Source Wave SEO Toolbox Daily to Build Our Own Sites.

We are picky about every aspect of our technology selection, and you should be too. If you don’t pay close attention your websites could end up on Apache for example. Good luck ranking with those horrible speed scores.

Battle Hard with th Source Wave SEO Toolbox of Power.
We’ve thrown out many tools over the years, but have kept many. Learn our favorites.

We Look for Partners, not Just Software.

That means good support is critical to us. For example, Google has the worst support on the planet, so interfacing with Analytics, AdSense, etc should be done with 3rd party solutions that do provide excellent support.

Secure Simple Code, and Quality Software.

Every tech decision you make can have reprecusions in terms of security or speed. If you opt for simple, reliable solutions speed and security is a little closer at hand. Complicate only when needed or desirable to do so.

Make Sure Automation is Possible.

Always make sure the tool you are selecting has a means to add to your automation systems. If you don’t own your data, you down own a business. Avoid solutions with limited automation options and that hold onto data.

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Email Solutions

A fleshed out business can have a ridiculous hunger for types of Email Solutions. It can be intimidating to some, but if you choose your providers wisely you can avoid migraines in the future. Not only that, but poor email services directly mean lost revenue.


Business Inboxes

Migadu Logo on Source Wave SEO.

Migadu is only for business communications, but absolutely critical. You won’t be sending automated emails or mass email drops with Migadu. But your Inboxes will always work properly, and your delivery rates will be very high Unlimited Mailboxes too.

Sending Service for Bulk and Automated Email Logo on Source Wave SEO. fills the roll of an SMTP provider for our various tools, including WordPress. Never use Migadu or for anything spammy. These are providers for people who take their email reputation seriously.


WordPress Plugin for Reliable Email Sending

WP Mail SMTP Logo on Source Wave SEO.

This is a plugin from the fine folks behind MonsterInights and WP Forms (Also WPBeginners). It aims to help solve WordPress email deliverability and complexity issues, and we find it does a great job of it. We integrate ours with


Marketing Automation

ActiveCampaign Logo on Source Wave SEO.

They would call it “User Experience Marketing“. The whole idea is to know enough about your customers and readers to be able to treat them with respect and understand how to best be able to help them at the right time. Always be actually helping people.


Customer Service Emails

HelpScout Logo on Source Wave SEO.

We can’t stand Zendesk. Either using it as a business or a customer. (Sorry Zendesk.) HelpScout has a lovely feature set that our team members absolutely love though.


Influencer Outreach

NinjaOutreach Logo on Source Wave SEO.

The “Secret Sauce” to many SEO Agencies out there. We don’t mind sharing secrets here at Source Wave SEO. This Email SaaS is literally made for Link Builders to get white hat links.


Influencer Outreach

Pitchbox Logo on Source Wave SEO.

PitchBox is NinjaOutreach’s bigger brother. Pitchbox boasts integrated data with Link Research Toolswhich is our prefered backlink metrics provider. Also expect pretty good support.


Scheduling Emails

Calendly Logo on Source Wave SEO.

Appointment making used to be a nightmare, but now we have Calendly. It is also very nice that it trusted and known to almost everyone. The automation is superb too.

Get a Free 3 Month Content Plan.

Just tell us a little bit about yourself and your business. We’ll create a short 3 month demonstration content plan custom made for your business and send it to you.

Hosting and Servers

Not Just for WordPress Sites. Reliably and Speed are Critical.

We demand our websites are faster than the competition, and we also like to self-host a lot of different solutions. Not to mention the need for development areas and reliable backups.


Virtual Private Servers

Vultr VPS Logo on Source Wave SEO.

Vultr is a VPS provider we absolutely love using. They have extremely fast servers and wonderful support. Don’t try hosting Email servers here though. These are our favorite provider recently in the Source Wave SEO Toolbox.


Virtual Private Servers

Linode Logo on Source Wave SEO.

Linode is another reliable VPS provider. Unlike Vultr, Linode will allow you to setup Email related servers on their infrastructure. The support, and the company are a little more rough around the edges though we think.


Virtual Private Servers

DigitalOcean Logo on Source Wave SEO.

Yes, we use 3 VPS. Each has a use case and are very fast. DigitalOcean has amazing APIs and automation for example. Their primary customer are startups and programmers rather than marketers with WordPress sites.


Web Server

LiteSpeed WebServer Logo on Source Wave SEO.

This is the only web server we will use to host our own websites. The speed metrics of LightSpeed servers blow both Apache and NGINX out of the water. Integration with cPanel means easy management for team members.


Web Host Control Panel

cPanel Logo on Source Wave SEO.

cPanel is only needed if you are self hosting, reselling hosting, or just generally trying to learn new things. Self hosting provides the best speed if done right, but has trade offs.

WHM Panel

Server Control Panel

WHM Panel Logo on Source Wave SEO.

Think of WHM as what hosts cPanel installs. Although much more than that, WHM is the premiere control panel for servers for a reason. Finding talented WHM support agents is easy as a result.


WordPress Management

Infinite WP Logo on Source Wave SEO.

Managing many websites, and ensuring they all stay healthy, secure, updated, backed up etc, is a huge challenge. InfiniteWP makes that easy, so is a big part of the Source Wave SEO Toolbox.


WordPress Management

WPMuDev Logo on Source Wave SEO.

We have used WPMU DEV for their amazing plugins for years and forums. Only somewhat recently did they also become viable for managing many WordPress sites centrally.

Get a Free 3 Month Content Plan.

Just tell us a little bit about yourself and your business. We’ll create a short 3 month demonstration content plan custom made for your business and send it to you.

Domaining and Website Auctions

Registering and Acquiring Domains or Websites.

Most business owners will be content with needing a reliable, and affordable provider of basic domain registration services. There exist certain varieties of more voracious marketers though.


Domain Host

Namecheap Logo on Source Wave SEO.

When it comes to hosting domains, we only use NameCheap. We may acquire domains elsewhere, but NameCheap is reliable and has totally free WHOIS protection. A Source Wave SEO Toolbox MUST.


Domain Marketplace

NameSilo Logo on Source Wave SEO.

Not to be confused with NameCheap, NameSilo is more of a domain marketplace or auction house. If you are new to buying aged or expired domains, NameSilo is a nice safe place to start.


Domain Marketplace

GoDaddy Logo on Source Wave SEO.

GoDaddy is web host as well as a Domain Marketplace. But don’t use it for web hosting. Sell and buy domains there, but that’s it. Accidents are known to happen on GoDaddy to people’s assets.


Domain Marketplace

SEDO Logo on Source Wave SEO.

SEDO is one of the oldest and best domain marketplaces on the web. If you end up getting really curious about “Domaining”, this part of the Source Wave SEO Toolbox is going to be really interesting to you.


Domain Marketplace

NameJet Logo on Source Wave SEO.

Similar to SEDO, NameJet has also been around for a long enough time to generate a reputation for being a reliable place to buy and sell domains. A patient buyer can find a lot of gold on NameJet.


Business Auctions

Flippa Logo on Source Wave SEO.

The “Diagon Alley” (for Harry Potter peeps) of online marketplaces. There are a lot of scammers on Flippa, and it takes a trained eye to navigate them somewhat safely. There are great deals there though.

Empire Flippers

Website Auctions

Empire Flippers Logo on Source Wave SEO.

Empire Flippers is for marketers and publishers who really take their job seriously. You can sell and buy websites there, but you have to pay to even peek at an asset before bidding.

Motion Invest

Website Auctions

Motion Invest Logo on Source Wave SEO.

One Founder is Spencer Hawes of “Niche Pursuits“.. Spencer Hawes was highly influential on forming some of our initial business processes. Pay attention to anything he does or says if you want good advice.

Get a Free 3 Month Content Plan.

Just tell us a little bit about yourself and your business. We’ll create a short 3 month demonstration content plan custom made for your business and send it to you.

Trust the Plan, Get Results

“The helped show how easy SEO could be if I had a good content plan to follow. I have a few questions to answer a month on my blog. Some easy steps to follow, and way more traffic than before.”

Mary Sequoia, Freelance CPA

Happy Customer Mary Sequoia Source Wave SEO.

“We were skeptical about the amount of interlinking in the content we got, but the results are in. Every cluster we buy we’ve been pointing at our service pages and just watching them rank.”

Marcus Alpine, SaaS Owner

Happy Customer Marcus Alpine Source Wave SEO.

“It took about 3 months before we noticed much improvement, but it has been a year now since following Devi’s content schedule and we never thought this much traffic was possible for us.

Philip Glacier, Publisher

Happy Customer Philip Glacier Source Wave SEO.

“Lord was able to show us how much traffic we were missing by ignoring what our competitors were doing. His content gap report opened up entire new avenues not just for our content, but for our service offerings as well.

Robin Yellowstone, Insurance Broker

Happy Customer Robin Yellowstone Source Wave SEO.

“I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve gotten from following Lord’s advice. It was going so well, I ended up having to hire his team for content regularly. Now I finally feel like I can focus on the parts of business that I enjoy.”

Amy Redwood, Consultant

Happy Customer Amy Redwood Source Wave SEO.

“We struggled providing our customers with good content for the websites we build for them. They were always happy with the design and look, but the web copy was always a struggle. Not anymore.”

Rob Badland, Consultant

Happy Customer Rob Badland Source Wave SEO.