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“The helped show how easy SEO could be if I had a good content plan to follow. I have a few questions to answer a month on my blog. Some easy steps to follow, and way more traffic than before.”

Mary Sequoia, Freelance CPA

Happy Customer Mary Sequoia Source Wave SEO.

“We were skeptical about the amount of interlinking in the content we got, but the results are in. Every cluster we buy we’ve been pointing at our service pages and just watching them rank.”

Marcus Alpine, SaaS Owner

Happy Customer Marcus Alpine Source Wave SEO.

“It took about 3 months before we noticed much improvement, but it has been a year now since following Devi’s content schedule and we never thought this much traffic was possible for us.

Philip Glacier, Publisher

Happy Customer Philip Glacier Source Wave SEO.

“Lord was able to show us how much traffic we were missing by ignoring what our competitors were doing. His content gap report opened up entire new avenues not just for our content, but for our service offerings as well.

Robin Yellowstone, Insurance Broker

Happy Customer Robin Yellowstone Source Wave SEO.

“I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve gotten from following Lord’s advice. It was going so well, I ended up having to hire his team for content regularly. Now I finally feel like I can focus on the parts of business that I enjoy.”

Amy Redwood, Consultant

Happy Customer Amy Redwood Source Wave SEO.

“We struggled providing our customers with good content for the websites we build for them. They were always happy with the design and look, but the web copy was always a struggle. Not anymore.”

Rob Badland, Consultant

Happy Customer Rob Badland Source Wave SEO.