Content Strategy Agency

Plan, Produce, Promote, Polish.

Content marketing that gets traffic.

Plan for a year so it is easy to produce and can be interlinked well.

Promote content to get links and Rank Higher.

Polish and upgrade content to Rank for MORE.

A good content strategy should reduce your costs to produce content, and make it easier to produce more of it.

A Content Strategy Agency Like Source Wave SEO Can Change Your Business

A good content strategy agency is going to focus on doing one thing well: Bringing your website more organic traffic through the purposeful execution of a well planned content strategy.

Hire a Good Content Strategy Agency Source Wave SEO.
A good content strategy agency is more affordable than you might think.

Order to Chaos.

Even if you are not going to execute on it right away, your content strategy agency of choice should develop a solid week by week plan, scheduled for a year into the future.

Don’t Gamble, Win.

The only way to take your traffic generation needs seriously is to start with the intent to become an authority in certain subjects. Then expand your influence.

Plan to Leverage.

If your content strategy agency does a good job of organizing the content, and then tagging properly, it becomes much easier to leverage the content in the future.

Get a Free 3 Month Content Plan.

Just tell us a little bit about yourself and your business. We’ll create a short 3 month demonstration content plan custom made for your business and send it to you.

First Step: Plan.

Create an Effective Content Plan.

  • Your content strategy agency should do a thorough job researching the competition.
  • Research massive keyword database.
  • Filter keywords for relevancy and intent.
  • Optionally filter against existing content inventories.
  • Organize by subject and ranking difficulty into Content Clusters.
  • Turn Keywords into Article Titles, and Titles into URLs before writing begins.
  • Create Content Plan with the easy to rank for clusters scheduled for first six months.
  • Schedule higher traffic, more difficult clusters to be published in months six to twelve.
Content Strategy Source Wave SEO
A content strategy is needed if you want to ensure victory in the SERPs.
Produce the Content with Source Wave SEO
Produce the best content with Source Wave SEO.

Second Step: Produce

Write, Keyword, and Interlink a Content Cluster.

  • For each article we need to write, research competition for it.
  • Create a content outline for each article based on research above.
  • For each article, set target content length based on same research.
  • Create content, covering every topic in the outline thoroughly.
  • Include as many LSI (related) keywords as possible in article copy.
  • Interlink every article in the cluster with every other article in the cluster, using keywords in the anchor text phrases.
  • Choose an appropriate featured image to go with the post, and keyword the filename, alt tag, and title tag.
  • Ensure meta descriptions are engaging and action orientated, your content strategy agency can help make this a breeze.

“The growth in traffic was noticeable and steadily growing. We ordered a content cluster a month from Lord’s team with follow up content audits and now a year later our SEMRush traffic value is in a different ball park. Hire this guys team! They rock!

Melissa Sunder, Life Coach & Consultant

Happy Customer Melissa Sunder Source Wave SEO.

“The keyword research was easily the most complete I’ve seen done for my business. It was broken into stages, and subjects that made it easy to implement on our own. Now we are following a schedule and finally feel like we have a handle on our content.

Barry Trenton, HVAC Company Owner

Happy Customer Barry Trenton Source Wave SEO.

“Lord’s a little different when you meet him (We love you though LD!), but you can tell he really knows his stuff and takes pride in his work. We’ve rarely had issues with their work over the years. And when have, revisions were always quick and pleasant to get done.

Megan McCarmick, IT / Cloud Architect

Happy Customer Megan McCarmick Source Wave SEO.

Get a Free 3 Month Content Plan.

Just tell us a little bit about yourself and your business. We’ll create a short 3 month demonstration content plan custom made for your business and send it to you.

Third Step: Promote

Promote to get Links and Shares to Start Ranking.

  • When a Cluster goes live, begin building links to it immediately. Your content strategy agency is well placed to take care of this for you.
  • Decide on a monthly budget to directly purchase links, and triage as necessary.
  • Manual outreach can be killer, especially if you aim to duplicate and match competitor link profiles first. This is involved and overkill for most though.
  • Buy at least 1 Press Release for the site to get local and national news outlet links.
  • Establish a link velocity, and aim to rank your easy Content Clusters first. This will reduce link building expenses in the future.
  • Consider using PBNs, and premium links from established link vendors.
  • Manage your risk, and maintain a disavow file.
Link Building with Source Wave SEO
Build links with Source Wave SEO to get, and hold on to, those rankings.
Ranking Power for SEO by Source Wave SEO
Get Ranking Power for SEO by Source Wave SEO.

Step Four: Polish

Re-Optimize Content at 6 Month Mark.

  • Six months after publishing a Content Cluster, it should be freshly audited by your content strategy agency.
  • An audit will reveal the keywords the articles are ranking for, but are not optimized for.
  • Optimizing the content for these keywords will dramatically increase the traffic each article receives.
  • The increased traffic results in increased user engagement with that article, and the cluster as a whole.
  • Content that is found to be excelling in either terms of traffic value or business value (conversions), should be massively expanded and improved.
  • Re-link the newly optimized cluster to boost freshly prioritized internal pages that are in need of more ranking power.

Get a Free 3 Month Content Plan.

Just tell us a little bit about yourself and your business. We’ll create a short 3 month demonstration content plan custom made for your business and send it to you.

Trust the Plan, Get Results

“The helped show how easy SEO could be if I had a good content plan to follow. I have a few questions to answer a month on my blog. Some easy steps to follow, and way more traffic than before.”

Mary Sequoia, Freelance CPA

Happy Customer Mary Sequoia Source Wave SEO.

“We were skeptical about the amount of interlinking in the content we got, but the results are in. Every cluster we buy we’ve been pointing at our service pages and just watching them rank.”

Marcus Alpine, SaaS Owner

Happy Customer Marcus Alpine Source Wave SEO.

“It took about 3 months before we noticed much improvement, but it has been a year now since following Devi’s content schedule and we never thought this much traffic was possible for us.

Philip Glacier, Publisher

Happy Customer Philip Glacier Source Wave SEO.

“Lord was able to show us how much traffic we were missing by ignoring what our competitors were doing. His content gap report opened up entire new avenues not just for our content, but for our service offerings as well.

Robin Yellowstone, Insurance Broker

Happy Customer Robin Yellowstone Source Wave SEO.

“I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve gotten from following Lord’s advice. It was going so well, I ended up having to hire his team for content regularly. Now I finally feel like I can focus on the parts of business that I enjoy.”

Amy Redwood, Consultant

Happy Customer Amy Redwood Source Wave SEO.

“We struggled providing our customers with good content for the websites we build for them. They were always happy with the design and look, but the web copy was always a struggle. Not anymore.”

Rob Badland, Consultant

Happy Customer Rob Badland Source Wave SEO.