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Custom Made Content Plans That Will Get You Rankings.

The Content Velocity You Need to Rank: 3 Posts per Week.

Content Clusters provide Faster and Stronger Rankings Than Just Posting Articles.

Heavy Interlinking and LSI keywords bring total Google SERP Domination.

It is not just that we know how to make great content, but that we know what to do with it.

Source Wave SEO Managed Content, Links, and Risk

With Source Wave SEO you can forget about having to plan all your content yourself, or about wasting your money on SEO agencies that promise the sky without delivering any results.

Source Wave SEO Content Experts.
Every Content Cluster from Source Wave SEO is an Investment that will pay back its investment in organic traffic.

We Plan and Create the Content in Clusters.

At Source Wave SEO we believe in the power of highly relevant, highly interlinked articles. We plan out a ‘Cluster’ of 12 articles a time. Using keywords as anchor texts, we then interlink the articles in the cluster.

Get Links at the Right Time for Each Cluster.

Clusters will need backlinks to really give them a chance to shine as well. From Forbes, NY Times, your local news station, general blogger outreach, or even good old PBNs, Source Wave SEO can help.

Disavow File and Penalty Risk Management.

Monthly disavow file submission to Google Search Console is the only way to avoid getting penalized by Google. Like malware on a computer, your backlink profile also needs to be kept clean.

Get a Free 3 Month Content Plan.

Just tell us a little bit about yourself and your business. We’ll create a short 3 month demonstration content plan custom made for your business and send it to you.

We Call it “Content Lifecycle Management”.

If you have a good content strategy to follow, and you follow it diligently there are many benefits. Maintenance costs are lower and there is less room for errorRanking velocity increases along with rankings. Become and expert in the eyes of your customers, and fill those content gaps. Source Wave SEO makes it easy for you.

Content Lifecycle Management Source Wave SEO
There is a complete lifecycle to content production that should be planned for.

1. Plan

Plan a Content Strategy that involves content velocity. Ensure you publish at least once a week. Tackle easy keywords first for user engagement. Use those metrics to rank for harder terms later.

2. Produce

Producing quality content is hardIt should be useful, and it needs to be engaging. If you want to get traffic, it also needs a lot of semantically related keywords in it. To do a good job of this, you need recipes, templates and systems.

3. Promote

Content won’t help unless people know about it, and they won’t know about it unless it is ranking in Google. That takes links and user engagement. Automation can help, but promotion needs to be done.

4. Polish

Polishing your content after it has been up for a while is the most important ingredient for hacking your traffic growth. Re-optimize your content at the 6 month published mark, and add more content and keywords to it. Never let it just sit.

Need Help with SEO Optimized Content? We Can Help.

“The growth in traffic was noticeable and steadily growing. We ordered a content cluster a month from Lord’s team with follow up content audits and now a year later our SEMRush traffic value is in a different ball park. Hire this guys team! They rock!

Melissa Sunder, Life Coach & Consultant

Happy Customer Melissa Sunder Source Wave SEO.

“The keyword research was easily the most complete I’ve seen done for my business. It was broken into stages, and subjects that made it easy to implement on our own. Now we are following a schedule and finally feel like we have a handle on our content.

Barry Trenton, HVAC Company Owner

Happy Customer Barry Trenton Source Wave SEO.

“Lord’s a little different when you meet him (We love you though LD!), but you can tell he really knows his stuff and takes pride in his work. We’ve rarely had issues with their work over the years. And when have, revisions were always quick and pleasant to get done.

Megan McCarmick, IT / Cloud Architect

Happy Customer Megan McCarmick Source Wave SEO.

Get a Free 3 Month Content Plan.

Just tell us a little bit about yourself and your business. We’ll create a short 3 month demonstration content plan custom made for your business and send it to you.

The Right Tools for the Job

Through automation, custom in-house tools, and battle tested processes, we leverage the strengths, and the data, from a wide variety of very powerful software solutions. Here are some of our favorite daily drivers.

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Learn more about our Toolbox of Power.

Hello, I’m Lord.

I’m a Florida based SEO expert with 30 years experience in marketing and sales. The strategies I use are strategies that work, because they are what I use for my own businesses.

I received a strong entrepreneurial spirit from my family which lead me to start my first business at only 16. It was a carpet cleaning business. I hated cleaning carpets, but I learned to love the freedom that business ownership brought me.

Started a house painting business in a wealthy neighborhood later. I also hated painting houses, but I learned quite a bit about direct marketing and scaling.

It was not until my 3rd venture with my best friend at the time that I had learned my real passion was in marketing and publishing. Selling, and helping others. SEO fit right into that like a glove for me.

My first true wins in SEO came from following Alex Becker’s content silo strategy. For those not in the know, Alex is the owner and founder of I merely won the brand at auction. With great pleasure.

I truly feel honored to be able to continue the online brand of Source Wave SEO. Because I really have turned what Alex taught me into something very polished. I’ve been helping SaaS companies, and my own business interests, for a decade with it now and know what works and what doesn’t.

Lord Devi from Source Wave SEO in a Suit. Very Snazzy.
Lord_Devi from Source Wave SEO.

Trust the Plan, Get Results

“The helped show how easy SEO could be if I had a good content plan to follow. I have a few questions to answer a month on my blog. Some easy steps to follow, and way more traffic than before.”

Mary Sequoia, Freelance CPA

Happy Customer Mary Sequoia Source Wave SEO.

“We were skeptical about the amount of interlinking in the content we got, but the results are in. Every cluster we buy we’ve been pointing at our service pages and just watching them rank.”

Marcus Alpine, SaaS Owner

Happy Customer Marcus Alpine Source Wave SEO.

“It took about 3 months before we noticed much improvement, but it has been a year now since following Devi’s content schedule and we never thought this much traffic was possible for us.

Philip Glacier, Publisher

Happy Customer Philip Glacier Source Wave SEO.

“Lord was able to show us how much traffic we were missing by ignoring what our competitors were doing. His content gap report opened up entire new avenues not just for our content, but for our service offerings as well.

Robin Yellowstone, Insurance Broker

Happy Customer Robin Yellowstone Source Wave SEO.

“I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve gotten from following Lord’s advice. It was going so well, I ended up having to hire his team for content regularly. Now I finally feel like I can focus on the parts of business that I enjoy.”

Amy Redwood, Consultant

Happy Customer Amy Redwood Source Wave SEO.

“We struggled providing our customers with good content for the websites we build for them. They were always happy with the design and look, but the web copy was always a struggle. Not anymore.”

Rob Badland, Consultant

Happy Customer Rob Badland Source Wave SEO.